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Breakfast Briefing Workshop – Responsible Investment and Multi-Asset: The conundrum of competing objectives


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The Dublin Roadshow: Accessing Investment Returns for Pension Funds

At this morning workshop, we will examine some of the questions trustees should be focusing on in the current environment, new tools to evaluate risk, and where to find return. This is a FREE event for pension decision makers and their advisors.

mallowstreet University Dinner: Investing in Social Infrastructure

Social infrastructure is defined as the physical assets that facilitate social services. Examples include healthcare and education facilities, social and affordable housing, and buildings related to justice, emergency and civic services. It can be thou

mallowstreet University Investment Focus: Opportunities in Fixed Income

At this half day workshop, delegates will breakout into Investment Masterclasses to hear the latest thinking from some forward-thinking asset managers. Over the course of the morning, you will have a chance to ask questions and debate with your peers and contribute directly to some new approaches that are currently being developed and introduced to the market to meet the needs of pension funds.

mallowstreet University Dinner: Efficient Private Credit Investment

Private debt has obvious appeal to pension funds seeking solid risk-reward investments, but with an increasing focus on cash flow profile. But the elongated economic expansion, record capital formation and typical vintage fund structures each pose challen

mallowstreet University Educational Dinner: Monetary Policy and its Impact on Global Fixed Income Markets

Have we already seen the peak in global growth?  Will the U.S. Federal Reserve and European Central Bank policies tighten into a recession? Over dinner, Gregory Peters, senior portfolio manager for PGIM Fixed Income’s multi-sector Fixed Income strategies, who will outline his thoughts on where we are in the market cycle and what to expect going forward as we enter a post-quantitative easing world.


Past Events

DC Indaba

The Defined Contribution Indaba will bring together some of the industry’s biggest influencers to hear a selection of interactive keynote presentations. These will be interspersed with five Investment Masterclass breakout sessions which will cover key asset classes and investment opportunities, specifically tailored for defined contribution pension funds.

mallowstreet University Investment Focus: Sustainability and Responsible Investment

Sustainability, Responsible Investment, and ESG have been moving up the agenda for many pension funds and started appearing in the top 10 monthly search terms on mallowstreet.com. At this morning workshop, we are bringing together a cross section of the mallowstreet community for an interactive event.

mallowstreet University Dinner: Understanding Listed Infrastructure

Fundamentally, investment in listed infrastructure is an investment in infrastructure assets via the equities market. The assets available for investment on the listed market are very similar (and in some ways complementary in scope) to those in the private markets and not surprisingly, the listed infrastructure market has generated investment returns which are almost identical to those in the private infrastructure market over the long term.