Upcoming Events

mallowstreet University: Emerging Markets Educational Drive In

Join us for a morning workshop which will feature four expert managers sharing their insights into emerging markets and what opportunities exist to help pension funds access a higher yield.

mallowstreet University: 2017 Dublin Roadshow

At this workshop, we will examine some of the questions trustees should be focusing on in the current environment, new tools to evaluate risk, where to find return, and how to navigate the road to buyout or self-sufficiency. This is a FREE event for pension decision makers and their advisors.?

mallowstreet University: Equity Investing

Equities have been a pension fund staple for a reason - over extended periods equity has outperformed many other asset classes. But the lack of visibility, in the balance between returns and the risk of permanent capital loss, can seem hard to justify - particularly when facing a down market. At this morning event Sudhir Roc-Sennett of Vontobel Asset Management will outline the investment framework of a Quality Growth approach to equity investing through the full market cycle for pension funds.

mallowstreet University: Solutions Drive In - Examining Real Estate and Property

In this low yield environment, pension funds are increasingly looking beyond the staple diet of equities and traditional fixed income to find returns. At this Drive In, delegates will hear from four expert managers who will share their insights on opportunities in the Real Estate and Fixed Asset Markets.  

mallowstreet University Dinner: Infrastructure: An evolution of an asset class

In the fast changing world we operate in, infrastructure represents one constant with the ongoing long term need for quality infrastructure to support society. Over dinner, Marcus Ayre, Partner, Direct Infrastructure, will talk about various aspects of the opportunity set and the current market place, including a look at the risk and return profile of alternative strategies within direct infrastructure. He will also talk about the way that value can be created within core infrastructure.

London DC Indaba

This one-day event, will host just 18 delegates in an intimate and highly educational format designed to encourage a truly interactive experience with thought leaders and world class managers.

The mallowstreet London DC Indaba*

Past Events

mallowstreet University Dinner: Seeking returns in a low-rate environment: the strengths of a truly active, concentrated global equity fund

In this low-rate environment pension funds are increasingly relying on their equity allocations to help meet their liabilities. A highly concentrated global equity mandate, either as a standalone holding or satellite approach to a more traditional global equity allocation, could provide just the solution to access and capture the alpha many pension funds are seeking. Over dinner, Lead Portfolio Manager, Filip Weintraub, will introduce Focus, explaining how the team generate ideas, analyse potential investments, and ultimately construct a highly concentrated and effective portfolio to generate competitive absolute returns with a controlled level of absolute risk.

mallowstreet University: Fixed Income Educational Drive In

Join us for our Fixed Income Educational Drive In where four expert managers will share their insights into the markets and explain some of the opportunities that exist to help pension funds access a higher yield.

mallowstreet University: Infrastructure Live Debate

Join us for a live debate about all things infrastructure, hosted by Dawid Konotey-Ahulu, Founder of mallowstreet. Joined by a panel of experts, this live-streamed debate will look at this asset class in detail and will provide viewers with tips on what questions you should be asking your infrastructure fund manager. Log in to mallowstreet at 10am on 15th March to watch this event LIVE.