Upcoming Events

mallowstreet University Dinner: Why US Municipal Bonds Are Now Interesting to UK Investors

These are challenging times to generate a liability-friendly return within a limited risk budget. However, US taxable municipal bonds, ‘munis’, are offering competitive yield and high credit quality. In addition, their low correlation with other asset classes and long duration make them particularly well-suited to insurers. Yields on 10-year AAA and AA taxable munis compare favourably to gilts, even after deducting currency hedging costs. In addition, the muni bond market has a proven track record of low volatility, near zero default rates and offers liquidity and diversity. This mallowstreet University dinner offers the opportunity to learn more about munis from Franklin Templeton’s US-based specialist team, and to discuss the practicalities for UK investors.

mallowstreet University Investment Focus: Infrastructure and Real Assets

As pension funds continue to search for growth assets, Infrastructure and Real Assets continue to move up the agenda. Over the course of the morning, delegate will break into small groups and hear from four experts on some of the latest strategies available to access these asset classes, and share the top tips and questions trustees should be considering before making an investment.

The Investment Focus is available for CPD accreditation by the Pensions Management Institute.

mallowstreet University Dinner: Navigating the Road to Buyout

As pension funds map out their ‘end game’, many are working out how to fully transfer their liabilities to an insurer. Over dinner, Sammy Cooper-Smith from Rothesay Life, will discuss the following areas and take Q&A on any topics related to risk settlement. - Does the quality of your data matter? - What makes an insurer take one process more seriously than another? - Are there times where you can secure better pricing than others? - Are some benefits more expensive than others to insure? - Should you use new advisers to help run your process?

mallowstreet University Dinner: Boosting income with European ABS

In an environment where income is a scarce commodity and interest rates are beginning to rise, assets that offer attractive returns and protection against rising rates are hard to find. At this dinner, TwentyFour Asset Management partner and portfolio manager Ben Hayward will explain why now is an opportune time to invest in asset backed securities (ABS), given attractive yields, improving fundamentals, limited supply and potential for capital gains. Ben, who has been investing in the European ABS market for over 20 years, will show you why there is relative value to be found in this under-researched asset class, and why its risk-return profile is perfect for pension funds.

Past Events

mallowstreet University Investment Focus: Opportunities in Emerging Markets

Emerging Markets posted very strong performance in 2017. But the question is, will the performance continue this year and in years to come? At this morning workshop, we are bringing together four world-class managers to share their latest insights and expertise on investing in emerging markets. Attendees will have the chance to ask questions and discuss the topics further in intimate, round-table sessions.

mallowstreet University Dinner: Long term opportunities for active investors in China

Investing in China is not just about buying highly priced technology companies. Over dinner, SKAGEN Kon-Tiki Portfolio Manager Fredrik Bjelland, will discuss how pension funds can access Chinese opportunities within a wider Emerging Markets portfolio and how Asia is becoming less dependent on the West. Crucially, Fredrik will argue that ESG considerations should form the foundation of any investment strategy and the pertinence of this in an emerging markets context.

mallowstreet University Dinner – Investing in infrastructure: The benefits and challenges UK pension scheme trustees should be thinking about

Infrastructure investing remains a popular topic with UK pension scheme trustees as significant institutional inflows continue. Infrastructure investments represent a potentially sound place for assets in a low-interest-rate environment. The asset class can provide predictable cash flows and stable returns with a low correlation to equity and fixed-income markets. In addition, we believe the direct link with inflation and the resulting hedging of pension liabilities make the strategy even more appealing to UK trustees. But what’s the catch? In this University Dinner, GCM Grosvenor will explore the benefits and challenges of accessing and investing in the unlisted infrastructure asset class, and the considerations UK trustees should be thinking about in today’s market.