mallowstreet University Live Debate: Cashflow Driven Investing (CDI)

Thursday, 14 March 2019

10:20 - 11:00

On- line

This event is now in the past

Many UK DB schemes today, while in funding surplus, now face the prospect of becoming cashflow negative in the next decade. This challenge, combined with ever-decreasing liquidity in credit markets and rising transaction costs, as well as regulatory changes, means that it is not surprising that 2018 saw substantially increased interest in the potential benefits of adopting cashflow driven investment approaches.

In the mallowstreet Live, we will be covering some of the following key topic:

• What is Cashflow Driven Investing, and why do pension funds need it?

• How do you know if a cashflow strategy is suitable for your scheme?

• Are there suitable Cashflow Driven Investment strategies for smaller schemes?

• How do you determine whether an asset class is suitable for a cashflow driven investment strategy?

• How do you measure the success of a cashflow driven investment strategy?

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