mallowstreet University Investment Focus: Sustainability and Responsible Investment

Sustainability, Responsible Investment and ESG have been moving up the agenda for many pension funds and started appearing in the top 10 monthly search terms on

At this morning workshop, we are bringing together a cross section of the mallowstreet community for an interactive event. We will address several points:

• What the community thinks about the current state of sustainability data and its integration (or lack thereof) into pension fund investment decisions?

• Is it fine as it is? If not, what's missing or could/should be done differently?

• What are the key barriers to be overcome?

• Do trustees and members even care?

• How do we get more people to join the conversation?

The Investment Focus is available for CPD accreditation by the Pensions Management Institute and is exclusively for pension fund decision makers.

Join us for what will be a highly educational and very focused morning.



  1. Registration, Tea and Coffee

  2. Welcome address & Introductions

    Stuart Breyer, CEO, mallowstreet
  3. A Climate for Change - Dr Gabrielle Walker

    Attitudes to global warming are changing almost as quickly as the climate itself. What used to be seen merely as the purview of environmentalists—and the enemy of profit—is fast becoming a major concern for the financial sector. Leaders from the Governor of the Bank of England to the CEOs of Blackrock, UBS and even Goldman Sachs are now speaking out about climate change, and adjusting their portfolios accordingly. What risks does climate change pose to financial stability and asset value? How are concepts of fiduciary duty changing to embrace these risks? And why could the energy transition turn out to be the investment opportunity of the century?
  4. Rotating Investment Masterclass I: Integrating ESG Delivers Alpha - Abbie Llewellyn-Waters, Fund Manager, Jupiter Asset Management

    In a changing world, it is important to evolve, and this is especially the case when looking at ESG. In this Masterclass, Abbie will discuss how we approach the sustainable investment opportunity in order to identify the highest quality companies who are global leaders in managing their businesses sustainably: in economic, environmental, and social terms.
  5. Rotating Investment Masterclass II: Integrating ESG for Credit in Pension Funds - Fabien Collado, AXA Investment Managers

    This masterclass will examine how pension funds should think about integrating ESG criteria into a Fixed Income portfolio.
  6. Coffee, Tea and Networking

  7. Rotating Investment Masterclass III: Making a Positive Impact - Ross McSkimming, Senior Investment Specialist for Equities, Aberdeen Standard

    Is it possible to generate financial returns at the same time as investing to support positive environmental and social outcomes? The presentation will cover how the benefits of impact investing can be measured, both in terms of investment performance, and environmental and / or social impact. Through the use of examples, Ross will illustrate how the integration of environmental, social and governance considerations into the investment process allows mainstream investment and contribution to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. He will demonstrate how to achieve the double bottom line of strong financial returns and positive impact.
  8. Rotating Investment Masterclass IV

  9. Lunch and Networking

  10. End