Although personal concerns subside, the magnitude of COVID’s economic impact remains unclear

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The personal concern index dropped a further 14% to its lowest ever reading. And while concerns about the elderly and the NHS continue to be front of mind, trustees are somewhat relieved by the signs of slowdown in COVID infection and death rates. 

UK trustees expect many more to catch SARS-Cov-2, so becoming infected seems inevitable to them. And because they see the severity of the illness as random, some are saying they would rather contract the virus “to get it out of the way”. 

Concerns about the economy persist 

In comparison with the personal concern index, professional concerns have subsided by only 6%. And while the expected minimum duration of the outbreak has shortened by 16%, the predicted outlook for the macro consequences remains unchanged. 

The accompanying comments continue to focus on lost productivity, risk of defaults and the impact on sponsor covenants. 

However, there is a renewed focus on the loss of income from property and lending, which would severely upset pension fund cashflows: 

The current environment is testing UK pension boards, who need to be more agile than ever. Many are postponing long-term strategic decisions until the dust settles. 

Brexit is just one bump on the road to recovery 

The B-word has re-entered the post-COVID recovery rhetoric, but is only mentioned in passing – the road to recovery will be long, even with rapid growth after lockdown restrictions are lifted. 

Any extension to the current measures would be considered bad news, as UK trustees are starting to question whether the negative effects on society and economy are justified by the medical impact of the SARS-Cov-2 virus. 

The significant additional debt needed to protect jobs and prevent economic meltdown will weigh on taxes and future growth for a while to come. 

As the world shifts from consumerism towards resilience and sustainability, the effect on some industries will be particularly severe: 

Conversely, signs of recovery from China could boost markets and economic sentiment. 

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