mallowstreet University Digital Investment Focus: Opportunities in Fixed Income and Credit

As one of the largest investments for UK pension funds, understanding how the COVID-19 pandemic affects fixed income, from current and future perspectives, is in critical focus for almost all trustees and investment teams. 

During this online Focus, delegates will break into three rotating Investment Masterclass sessions to discuss the latest findings from some forward-thinking asset managers. Over the course of the morning you will have the chance to question the speakers and to learn from your peers about how they are navigating their way through the current environment.  

This event is FREE to attend for investment decision makers and their advisers and is available for CPD accreditation. 



  1. Login & Access Meeting

    The Investment Focus will take place online via a ‘Zoom’ meeting. We will provide further information, including an access link and password, to all attendees in advance of the event.
  2. Welcome & Introductions

  3. Rotating Investment Masterclass I: Investing in Liquid Credit with Positive Impact

    There is a lot more that public debt markets can do to support sustainable investing than purely targeting ESG-labelled bonds. Thematic allocations can help investors support global sustainability megatrends through investing in liquid conventional bonds. We believe investors seek to invest in issuers that make a positive contribution to both people and planet and that those investors should not limit themselves to bond ‘labels.’ Proactively investing with intentionality is what we look to discuss with you in this session – together, let’s get the conversation started!


    Peter Goldsworthy, BlueBay Asset Management

  4. Refreshment Break

  5. Rotating Investment Masterclass II: The Search For Yield - Opportunities in U.S. Middle Market Senior Lending

    Join Churchill Asset Management’s Chief Executive Officer Ken Kencel for an interactive masterclass on trends and opportunities in U.S. Middle Market Senior Lending and key factors that set managers apart in the industry.


    Ken Kencel, Churchill Asset Management

  6. Refreshment Break

  7. Rotating Investment Masterclass III: Liquid Multi-Asset Credit: Capturing Income and Capital Gain Opportunities as we Invest in a Post-Pandemic World

    We believe liquid multi-asset credit offers a third way. Join Darren Toner and Jon Amess from CQS for a thoughtful and clear analysis of how liquid sub-investment grade credit can deliver high income and capture relative value opportunities for investors, while mitigating loss risk from defaults through fundamental analysis.


    Craig Scordellis and Jon Amess, CQS

  8. Questions and Close of Investment Focus

  9. End