NAIC appoints interim CEO internally

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The National Association of Insurance Commissioners has named Andrew J. Beal as acting chief executive. 

Beal currently serves as the chief operating officer and chief legal officer of the NAIC. He joined the organisation in 1999, having taken on a number of senior roles.

NAIC president and Missouri Department of Commerce and Insurance director Chlora Lindley-Myers said: "We look forward to Andy's continued leadership as we begin implementing State Connected, the NAIC's 2023-2025 strategic plan. We're confident that Andy and the NAIC internal senior leadership team will continue to provide the stability and guidance needed for the organisation to support the NAIC membership during this period of transition."

Beal’s appointment comes after Michael F. Consedine resigned as CEO, effective 30 April. 

The announcement was made on Thursday during NAIC’s 2023 Spring National Meeting in Louisville, Kentucky, during which the association also announced its new three-year strategic plan, State Connected.

The 2023–2025 plan has six key strategic focus areas:

·       Member connectivity
·       Training, expertise and technology
·       Data and analytics
·       Consumer education, outreach and advocacy
·       Committee governance and management
·       NAIC operations

The NAIC is the insurance regulatory standard setter of the US. As part of the country’s state-based system of insurance regulation, it provides expertise, data and analysis for insurance commissioners to effectively regulate the industry and protect consumers.

What direction should the NAIC take under a new CEO?

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