Upcoming Events

mallowstreet University Dinner: Equity Investing

Equities have been a pension fund staple for a reason – over extended periods equity has outperformed many other asset classes. But the lack of visibility, in the balance between returns and the risk of permanent capital loss, can seem hard to justify – particularly when facing a down market. Over dinner, Sudhir Roc-Sennett of Vontobel Asset Management will outline the investment framework of a Quality Growth approach to equity investing through the full market cycle for pension funds. He will also explain how Vontobel have maintained a consistent investment style for over twenty years, delivering outperformance with less volatility than the market.

mallowstreet University: Sustainability and Responsible Investment Educational Workshop

Sustainability, Responsible Investment, and ESG have been moving up the agenda for many pension funds, and started appearing in the top 10 monthly search terms on mallowstreet.com. At this morning workshop, we are bringing together a cross section of the mallowstreet community for an interactive event. Join us for what will be a highly educational and very focused morning.

mallowstreet University Dinner: Emerging Markets - Power to the people!

Over dinner, Glen Finegan, Head of Emerging Market Equities at Janus Henderson Investors, will look at the benefits and risks of investing in emerging markets right now; and will discuss why long-term performance is defined as much by what you don’t own as what you do.

Past Events

mallowstreet University: Multi-Asset Investing Across Alternatives; Combination Solutions for Trustees to Consider

Institutional investment into alternative assets has become popular in recent years with inflows into private equity and infrastructure at or near record levels. The strategies that sit within alternative assets are quite diverse with risk, return and liquidity profiles that can vary significantly. But what if one could combine these underlying strategies in a single solution and potentially seek the best traits of each? In this University Dinner, Chicago-based Jonathan Levin from GCM Grosvenor will examine how this may be possible and will also provide insight into how a number of US pension plans have adopted this exact strategy, and the results they have achieved.

mallowstreet University Dinner: Tackling the 'cash flow negative' challenge

With a maturing UK defined benefit (DB) pensions landscape, schemes are moving from the accumulation phase to the decumulation phase as benefit payments become larger than contributions. This in turn requires a focus for pensions schemes to think about generating cash flow, not just income. In this session, Colin Fleury will look at how a multi-sector fixed income portfolio can be structured to meet short-term cash flows, and earn an attractive level of return by building a diversified portfolio that is structured to generate regular cashflows from both coupon payments and capital redemption/maturity proceeds.

mallowstreet University Investment Focus: Opportunities in Fixed Income

As one of the largest asset classes held by UK pension funds, understanding opportunities in fixed income is in focus for almost all trustees. At this half day workshop, delegates will hear the latest thinking from some forward-thinking asset managers; have a chance to ask questions and debate with your peers; and contribute directly to some new approaches that are currently being developed and introduced to the market to meet the needs of pension funds.