Partner Organisations

RIA - Retirement Income Alliance
Member Benefits Partner

The Retirement Income Alliance (RIA) is a membership-based community of people seeking to understand all of their options around income in later life. As our Take a Tour video shows RIA is not only about pensions and retirement, it’s about everything you can do to enjoy greater prosperity in retirement from starting a small business to using property to generate income. RIA believe if people have better knowledge of their options they are likely to make better choices and enjoy a better retirement as a result, whatever ‘retirement’ means to them!

Qumu - Enterprise Video Solutions
Video platform provider

Video is today’s document. Qumu Corporation provides the tools businesses need to create, manage, secure, deliver and measure the success of their videos. Whatever the audience size, viewer device or network configuration, Qumu solutions are how business does video. Additional information can be found at

mallowstreet Solutions Partner

Facilitating inter-family and institutional investment activity and co-investment in a) private equity deals in a number of sectors ranging from real estate, oil and gas, and telecoms b) unusual non-correlated funds and bespoke structured products with highly competitive pricing. Endeavor to personally co-invest in deals marketed to prospective clients whenever possible.

Stone Mountain Capital
mallowstreet Solutions Partner

Experts in Alternative Investment Advisory

Stone Mountain Capital is a private and independent alternative investment boutique focused on absolute return in global credit and equity. Advisory is providing solutions to institutional clients around the globe based on extensive cross asset class and risk management expertise in structuring and capital introduction for hedge funds, private assets and corporate finance. 

Ingenia by Retechnica
Technology solution

Retechnica is a London-based technology company, and the maker of Ingenia API, the content intelligence solution. Ingenia is a next generation text analytics platform that leverages proprietary machine learning technology to empower its enterprise clients to extract value from content. With Ingenia, the content is associated to categories automatically tailored to the client's business goals. This enables better user experiences: more targeted navigation, seamless personalisation, and real-time, omnichannel customer insight.

mallowstreet Partner

Shirlaws works with hundreds of mid-sized, owner-managed businesses in 37 countries around the globe to help business owners and CEOs to achieve success for their business. Their goal is to see their clients’ businesses reward them richly in wealth, time and fulfilment. Their coaches take the many complex issues involved in running a business and help make them simple and easier to manage. They work alongside clients to guide their businesses to achieve long-term, profitable and sustainable business growth. Shirlaws brings a language and system for growing businesses and building internal capability. A language and system that gives clients three simple things: more time, more money, and less stress.